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2022 ‘Unlock The Secrets’
Young Entrepreneurs Event
 June 16th To 18th, 2022
 Phoenix, AZ Marriott
 June 16th To 18th, 2022
 Phoenix, AZ Marriott
This is your chance to...
Impact the future of a young entrepreneur with the learning opportunity of a lifetime
Dear member,

At the last young entrepreneur's event in 2019, we rode mechanical bulls...

Another time, we had a magician do this crazy thing where my face showed up on a card... and it BLEW OUR MINDS.

And of course, every year we eat amazing food... play a bunch of games... ah it’s so fun!!!
But that’s not even the BEST part...
The best part is after every year, everyone walks away with more business connections... new friends... and new insights on how to have more money flow towards their online business!

This might be my FAVORITE event we put on.

It’s so much fun, you kind of forget you’re also learning a ton of marketing and business advice lol!

Anyway, why do I bring all of this up?

Because I Saw You Didn’t
RSVP Your Spot As Yet

For Our Event Happening In June 2022...
And it made me sad.

This tells me I didn’t give you enough detail on why this year’s ‘Unlock The Secrets’ event is going to be the best experience of your life AND how it can change the life of a teen forever!

So without further ado...

Here Are 5 Reasons WHY

You Should Attend 2022 ‘Unlock The Secrets’
Young Entrepreneurs Event!

 Reason #1:

It’s The Only event For Young Funnel Hacking Entrepreneurs

Have some young entrepreneurs in the family? Is your son or daughter looking for creative ways to make money...?

Or... do you know a teenager that would love to learn about Funnel Hacking, potentially changing their life forever?

You can be the one to change a young entrepreneurs life forever by just inviting them to join you for a fun weekend in Phoenix AZ.

That’s what makes this event so special— it’s centered around teaching young entrepreneurs how to build an online business from scratch.

Don't miss this opportunity to change a kids life... forever

Now, is it JUST for young entrepreneurs? 

No. It’s for everyone! Doesn't matter if you're 12 years old or 90... you can still learn, network, and form incredible connections. 
 Reason #2:

It’s a chance to get your first funnel... 
or your next funnel... or EVEN IDEA... 
off the ground in just 3 days!

How cool is that?! So instead of kicking around an idea for weeks...

And instead of “overthinking” the process to the point that you don’t know where to start...

You come to Arizona for 3 days and you walk away with a FUNNEL!
 Reason #3:

Incredible connections!

This is one of the biggest reasons you should attend. Ask anyone that’s attended before and they’ll tell you— making connections is practically priceless.

Just one connection could be the single greatest “game-changer” for you and your business.
 Reason #4:

It’s a “laptops open” learning experience

This isn’t a bunch of “talks” where you feel overwhelmed by all of the information shared...

This is a chance for me (Russell Brunson) to teach you the CORE fundamentals of funnel-building and getting your business off the grounds!

Here’s how it’ll look :

DAY 1: Picking Your Niche Or Next Project

On this day, we’ll be teaching you how to pick your offer, learn about your audience, the features and benefits, and SOOOOOO much more!

DAY 2: Funnel 

Today we’ll be IN THE TRENCHES building your funnel!
I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to build out your first (or next) funnel, from front-page to confirmation page.

DAY 3: Traffic Ideas!

Once your offer’s live... the next step is traffic!

Today, I’ll discuss different traffic sources and what offers work best for each source.

Plus, I’ll show you how to get WAVE after WAVE of traffic without spending a single dime!
 Reason #5:

You already paid for it!
Can you imagine not coming? 

That would be like ordering and paying for the most incredible meal of your life... and leaving without taking a single bite...

Keep in mind— this event is not sold anywhere else nor is it open for the general public.

This young entrepreneurs event is only for paying members and their families of 2CCX, Inner Circle, and Category Kings.

This is your rare chance for you and your family to come hang out with me and my family... have a ton of fun... while also helping you build and grow an online business!
Of course, I could go on and on about
all of the benefits of attending this event...
But if I’m honest, the biggest reason why I want you there is because I want to meet you.

Our normal events tend to be too MASSIVE and overwhelming to really get to know a lot of people.
At this event, I’m a bit more “unbuttoned” as one might say.

It’s my chance to get to know you and your story and hopefully help lift you to a new level in business and life.
At this event, I’m a bit more “unbuttoned” as one might say.

It’s my chance to get to know you and your story and hopefully help lift you to a new level in business and life.
OK, enough mushy stuff...
Make sure to hit the button below and save your spot!

I’ll see you in Phoenix, Arizona!

Dedicated To Helping You Succeed,
Russell Brunson
Q: Who is this for?
A: This is for members of 2CCX, Inner Circle, and Category Kings, including their spouses and kids who are 12 years and over. Or you can bring yourself and someone else you feel could benefit from this live event!

Q: Is it only for youth?
A: No. It’s for members of all ages! While we gear it more towards motivating and inspiring young entrepreneurs, it’s still a great chance to revisit some core basics of offer creation and funnel building.

Plus, who doesn’t want more business connections...? This is where deep and meaningful connections are made.

Q: Where will this event be and where should I book my room?
A: The event will be at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa - 5350 E Marriott Drive Phoenix, AZ 85054, US. If you would like to book a room click here

Q: What if I don’t have a kid to bring?
A: No problem! Come as you are! It’s for everyone.
Or if you want, you could scholarship a niece or nephew, or maybe someone from your church that is hungry to learn and grow as an entrepreneur.

Q: Is this event just for beginners?
A: No. This event is for everyone! We get a wide range of business owners at these events, including beginners, novices, and veterans.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and haven’t built your first funnel yet... or you’re a veteran currently building your 5th million-dollar funnel...

EVERYONE has the potential of leveling up their game at this upcoming event!
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